Conservation Connected cannot issue any permits - please contact the provincial conservation authority and they will guide you further, click here for a contact list, if that does not work please visit their site see governmental organisations.

There are numerous permits protecting South Africa's environment. This list is diverse and permits may needed either nationally or provincially. Provincial legislation will require certain provincial permits and national legislation will require permits that speak to the counrty as a whole. Not having the relevant permits is not worth the risk and trangressions may result in steep fines or even jail sentances. As a responsible person, there is no excuse for not having the relevant permits in place.

Activities requiring permits can include:


Game capture

Export,import and transport of game

Certificate of adequate enclosure

Captivity of protected species


Possession of carcasses of endangered species

CITES permits


Bait collection

Recreational fishing

Collection of wild marine life for aquariums

West Coast Rock Lobster


Picking of wild flowers

Export and import

Permits to sell protected flora

Possess endangered Flora permits

Permit to cut protected trees (eg Milkwoods)


Export,import and transport of wild animals

Permit to possess the carcass of an endangered wild animal

Wild animal captivity permit

Wild animal educational/show/exhibition

CITES permits

Certificate of adequate enclosure

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