This policy has been amended and the veterinarian is the only end user of scheduled 5 and 6 drugs to anaesthetise animals.

An excerpt from Council's policy document. Please also read the guideline document under GUIDELINES Legal requirements for the use of Etorphine by Prof G E Swan.

The registered veterinarian must be competent in this field and know the regulations in terms of the Medicines and Substances Control Act, 101 of 1965. Only a registered veterinarian may administer a scheduled drug on animals.
In the interest of the animal, all capturing should, in line with international standards, be conducted under direct supervision of a veterinarian, who is best equipped to monitor and treat animals.

2.The veterinarian is responsible for peripheral issues to the actual capture procedure (animal welfare, heat/cold stress, suitable post capture nutrition and habitat, monitoring of injury and mortality statistics, etc.) and remains ultimately responsible for the welfare of the animal and for the drugs.

3.A permit in terms of Section 21 and 22 (10) of Act 101 of 1965 must be obtained from the Medicines Control Council for possession of scheduled drugs at the premises where the drugs will be used. A client receiving drugs or a prescription within legal limits requires no additional permit. The provision of a permit applies to zoologists etc. doing independent work/research with special motivation.It also applies to any individual acquiring and using unregistered drugs and the use of extremely hazardous Schedule 8 drugs.Schedule 8 drugs are, in addition, subject to special ministerial permission.These permits obtained are only valid for use by the person who was granted such a permit.

4.Information with regard to accidents causing injury or death of a person during capture and liability can be obtained from the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) and its Wildlife Group or the Veterinary Defence Association (VDA.)

5.It must be clearly emphasized that if not complied with this policy, both the veterinarian and the lay person transgress the Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act.

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