I have been working in the conservation field for about 13 years in many different environments. Working within conservation I was exposed to so many different individuals and organisations doing amazing work in the conservation field. Talking to many members of the public, it was glaringly obvious that very few people are aware of the important conservation work going on around them and so many of these same people are very passionate about our planet and the efforts being made to look after it.

It was because of this imbalance, this website was born. My aim is to connect all the conservation work being done in the country, providing the public with a "one stop" site where they could hopefully find all the information they could be looking for relating to conservation in South Africa.

I have a lot planned for this page which will be coming soon.

I would just like to thank Luke Borg from SA Online for all the internet support and for hosting this site.

Bronwyn Botha

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